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Welcome to the Amarillo Laser & Vein Clinic, the Panhandle's clinic for varicose vein and spider vein treatment, laser hair removal, acne and wart treatment, and collagen remodeling.

Venus Freeze™

Skin Tightening

Venus Freeze® Logo Venus Freeze® Application

What is Venus Freeze®?

Venus Freeze® is a clinically proven, state-of-the art, skin tightening device that uses (MP)2® technology. Venus Freeze® creates magnetic pulses and radio frequency waves to penetrate and tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles, and has numerous anti-aging benefits. This non-invasive, pain free technology offers impressive results in as little as 6-8 treatments, however, many patients notice a difference after the first treatment

How long does a typical treatment take?

The FREEZE device is able to cover large area of the body and it is 4 times faster than standard devices, hence you will spend between 20-30 minutes for facial treatments and up to 40 minutes for body treatments.

How many treatment before I can see results?

You will see and feel the change after a single treatment. For optimal results we recommend 6-8 sessions.

How safe is the treatment?

FREEZE promotes natural skin healing without injuring the delicate skin surface. The treatment is very safe and pain free.

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